Your living room is the center of your home. It’s where you gather friends and family, where you relax, and typically where you spend the most time. That’s why it’s so important that your living room design is a reflection of who you are and how you want your home to be viewed.

And the most important element of your living room design is color. The right color scheme can create the perfect look and feel for your living space while the wrong color scheme can feel out of place and unsettling. You want to choose a color scheme that fits the decor in the rest of your home and feels like an accurate representation of your personal style and design sense.

But what colors to choose? If you need some inspiration, here are 6 color palettes perfect for the living room:

1. Neutral

Far from boring, neutrals are an excellent color choice for your living room. Outfitting the space in grays, whites, creams, blacks, browns, and/or tans adds a sophisticated and classic look to your living room.

When choosing a neutral color palette, don’t try to squeeze every neutral shade into the room. Choose one or two as a focal point, like gray and white, and then incorporate pops of color in your decor or accessories to bring the room together; the touch of color in the accents will keep the room feeling fresh and modern.

2. Blue and Cream


The powerhouse color combination of blue and cream is an excellent choice if you want your living room to appeal to the masses; the majority of people claim blue as their favorite color.

If you want to make a bold statement, paint your walls a deep navy and furnish the room with cream-colored sofas and an area rug. Or, keep the walls cream and go for bold furniture, like a navy velvet sofas.

If you want to give your living room a softer appearance, choose a lighter shade of blue, like cerulean or teal. You can also bring in multiple shades of blue in your furniture and accessories to add visual interest and contrast.

3. Gold, Pink, and Turquoise

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If you want to hop on the boho-chic trend, this bold color combination is a can’t-miss. Paired with the right accessories, these vibrant hues will create just the right amount of boho-chic personality.

In order to keep this color scheme from looking cartoon-ish, you want to create a balanced look. Find an area rug that incorporates all three colors, keep couches neutral and then accent the room with plush throw pillows in patterns that weave the colors together. Try a gold glass coffee table to add a subtle hint of gold to your furniture and use bright pink or turquoise curtains to bring color to the walls.

4. Gray and Deep Purple

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Gray and deep purple is the perfect color population if you want to create a modern and inviting space. The deep violet hue is the perfect accent to all shades of gray and creates a sophisticated feel that works with just about every design style.

If you consider yourself to be design forward, try experimenting with mixing different shades of gray. Paint the walls a lighter gray and then furnish the room with a deep charcoal sofa. Incorporate the deep purple with decor like throw pillows, plush throws, sheer curtains, or an area rug.

5. Dark Orange and Gold

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Inject Color into your Home without Painting

Another unexpected color scheme that can really bring a room to life is dark or burnt orange and gold. This unexpected pairing is a great fit for out-of-the box designers who want to create a unique look and feel in their living space.

If you’re feeling bold, make orange the focal point and use gold as an accent. Purchase orange sofas and accent with gold-trimmed furniture. If you want to experiment before making the full commitment to this color scheme, incorporate both orange and gold pieces into a neutral room to see how the color combination feels. The more it grows on you, the more pieces you can add.

6. Black, White, and Pink

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If you have a fun, modern taste in design, try a black, white, and pink color scheme. This bold color combination is not for the faint of heart, but when done right it can create an art déco feel that’s perfect for think design should be fun and not taken so seriously.

Look for black and white pieces with geometric prints and then pull in pops of pink through accessories. Or, make pink the focal point with a bold pink sofa and accent with black and white decor.

If the black/white/pink combo feels too harsh, soften the look by adding in some gray; the neutral tone will make the overall look appear less intense.

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