We all know THAT neighbor. They leave their bins out all week, their flower beds have more weeds than flowers, or they throw wild house parties more than just occasionally. Not only is blaring music incredibly obnoxious (especially at one in the morning), bad neighbors can also affect the sale and value of your home. Luckily, that’s when a Homeowners Association is on your side and can help you deal with them if things get too out of hand.

They might be driving you up the wall, but there’s no way your neighbors are as bad as these ones. It’s as if they came straight from hell…

1. A Nauseating Pink

Some people dream about painting their house an outlandish color at some point in their lives (peacock inspired emerald and gold, anyone?), but most of us grow out of that phase or simply think better of it.

The people who live here never grew out of that phase and are certainly “Keeping Austin Weird” with their Pepto Bismol-pink home. To add insult to injury,...

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Want to make $100,000/year?

Find out what and what not to do to help you get there...
We have been busy preparing for the next phase of our business and wanted to share some insight with you.

I talk with a lot of REALTORS® and I commonly hear the goal of $100,000/year.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes I see agents making that's holding them back.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, let's go for coffee!

Check out www.CoffeeWithWill.com and we can connect.

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Ronda Batchelor, mother of six, was sick of her laundry room so she decided to streamline the process. Using only about $400 (and her vivid imagination), she whipped her tiny wash room into a marvelously efficient work space.

The room features six removable baskets that are housed in a cupboard style space. Each basket holds folded laundry so the kids are able to just remove their basket, bring it to their room and put away their laundry.

The most clever part is the homemade dry racks Ronda made. She places her hand washables on the rack, slides them into the custom-built slots in her wall, clicks a timer switch that activates a fan and viola… the clothes are dry in no time!

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When I think of getting a swimming pool, I usually think of two things. First, how relaxing and wonderful it would be during the broiling summer heat. Second, can my pocket book budget such a luxury? Well, dear reader, Torben Jung decided to focus on the first thought, and make the second one obsolete. Did he just get a better job? No. He decided to upcycle some materials into something that anyone could be proud of having in their backyard. Check it out!

Jung decided to grab some pallets from the internet. (Here’s an online service that helps you locate wood pallets.)

With some nylon comealongs and some wooden connections, he was able to get the pool shape down perfectly.

To ensure this puppy would hold water, multiple layers of waterproof lining were used.

Of course, he had to finish it off with the classic blue layering.

The pallets just aren’t that stylish. A little siding fixes the aesthetics right up.

Jung attached a pool pump for water quality assurance, and then filled...

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Ever had an agent deny to show you a home because you weren’t pre-approved for a mortgage? It’s not because they’re mean, or they don’t value your business… it’s actually because they’re looking out for your best interests.

Let’s face it, shopping for a home before getting pre-approved for a mortgage is like walking into a grocery store without a wallet. You may have the desire to buy, but you lack the ability. Let’s cover some basics…

What is a mortgage pre-approval?

In a nutshell, a mortgage pre-approval is written assurance from a lender or broker that you’re able to borrow money to purchase a home up to a certain amount. It’s based on the income, employment and asset documentation you supply at the time of application, in conjunction with your credit history. So let’s look at the 6 reasons you should get pre-approved.

1. It carries more weight than a “pre-qualification”.

A pre-approval differs...

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Each fall, decorators begin to share the interior design trends we can expect to see in the new year. Looking ahead to 2019, bold colors, metallics, and statement ceilings take center stage.If you’re planning to put your place on the market and want it to appear like the freshest spot on the block, you need to know what’s hot and what’s not.

1. Wallpaper stages a comeback

Put down that paint brush! If you’re looking to add a splash of color or geometric flair to your rooms, wallpaper is a fashionable alternative that adds instant personality to any area. But if you’re picturing your Great Aunt Polly’s overwhelming floral patterns or you’ve heard horror stories about wallpaper removal, those days are over. Easy-to-remove papers come in an array of colors and designs that range from subtle to seriously jaw-dropping. Prepare to see plenty of wallpaper in 2019.

2. Making the most of the ceiling

Ceilings are often considered a room’s fifth wall,...

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We can’t help who we fall in love with, and even more frustratingly, who falls in love with us. It’s simply one of life’s mysteries. And we might not know exactly why we fell in love with real estate, but we probably have our suspicions. Here are six reasons why I fell in love with real estate:

1. The people

You have to enjoy working with people in order to be a successful real estate agent. Coworkers, clients, baristas who recognize you as you bring in a gallon-sized travel mug for your daily caffeine dose — you’re always around people. It would be dishonest to say that it always goes smoothly, but the relationships and interactions are a huge part of the overall experience, and allow you to connect with people in a way you don’t get to in many other careers.

2. No two days are ever the same

If the drudgery of five days a week at the same office, with the same snack machine, and the same coworkers telling the same lame jokes kills your spirits, then the...

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With the Chinese New Years on February 5th, comes the talk of traditions, and the potential warming of spring. In its best application feng shui is a powerful tool to improve the energy of any home or space. It’s not about superstitious beliefs but about bring all the good feels to your home, work, and people in your life. Your local realtor can help to improve your home energy.  (Best day to shop for Real Estat)

There are many aspects to fung shui, and comes into play with real estate quite often.  But we're going to focus on the use of smart feng shui decorating to attract the energy of wealth into your space. And this can mean wealth in all it’s forms; quality of life, improve health, more harmony to relationships, build a successful career, etc. 

Starting any Feng shui home decorating, the first step no matter what the goal is to create a clear, open space. Don’t get overwhelmed, sometimes we try to do too much all at once and then we quite.  Start...

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