The Reduced amount of Sunlight and the Drastic decrease in temperature has our Energy Bill going up! Here's some Tips to save money for the Holiday season!

1. 20 C is the Magic number!! A study showed*(PG&E)  you use 3-5% more energy for each Degree above 20! don't be cranking the heat when you step inthe house. put on a sweater and get your favorite blanket out. It will be more efficient then turning it up 1-2 degrees 

2. Knowing how to program your thermostat will Save up to 10% a Year on Heating and cooling * Don't worry fluffy has fur to keep her warm, lowering the temp by 10 degrees when your not home can save money long term.

3. Do you love to cuddle around a space heater? well in reality they are the largest energy expense in a home! Accounting for up to 63% of energy bills *! Investing in some good slippers and sweater may be the cheaper option long term!

4. Close the curtains... Not only will you save yourself form some peeking toms but it saves energy buy...

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