Feng Shui For Your Wealth

With the Chinese New Years on February 5th, comes the talk of traditions, and the potential warming of spring. In its best application feng shui is a powerful tool to improve the energy of any home or space. It’s not about superstitious beliefs but about bring all the good feels to your home, work, and people in your life. Your local realtor can help to improve your home energy.  (Best day to shop for Real Estat)

There are many aspects to fung shui, and comes into play with real estate quite often.  But we're going to focus on the use of smart feng shui decorating to attract the energy of wealth into your space. And this can mean wealth in all it’s forms; quality of life, improve health, more harmony to relationships, build a successful career, etc. 

Starting any Feng shui home decorating, the first step no matter what the goal is to create a clear, open space. Don’t get overwhelmed, sometimes we try to do too much all at once and then we quite.  Start with one room, one area or one hour! All you have to do, though, is commit to clearing it, (follow an easy feng shui clutter clearing system.)

1. Use Feng Shui Wealth Colors in your HOME:

The main feng shui wealth color is GOLD, In any home decor items – mirrors,  frames, lamp bases, trays, coffee tables, etc – Just be sure to actually love those golden beauties, do not bring something just for the sake of its look. Chat with any Real Estate agent about dated house fixtures in tacky gold in the early ’90’s. Realtors will tell you, these houses are much loved by most Asian buyers.  Next feng shui wealth color is PURPLE. From house paintings to pillows, rugs or big book covers –Use both colors tastefully and wisely, meaning create simple beauty and decorate with objects that you really like – you don’t like the item it won’t like you back! Bad Feng Shui)

2. Wealth Area/Sacred Space/Altar:

There is a specific money area in your home that feng shui should be your space of energy. Basically, you want to create an area that has the task of collecting wealth energy. Decorate it with meaningful items of wealth (jewelry, specific photos, objects of value, etc),  and  good energy activators such as crystals and plants. This is where your collection of The Laughing Buddha, or the Dragon Turtle would be placed.  Check out (increase your property value)

3.Vibrant Plants/Wood Element:

Nature is the ultimate gift of unlimited wealth and abundance.  The East, the Southeast, and the South areas of your property is the most greenery loving feng shui areas in your home. Decorating your investment with lush, verdant happy plants in good looking, solid pots is an excellent feng shui wealth magnet. Not to mention creating an inviting space. Check out  Spring Cleaning and feelings

4. Water Flow:

Fountains are the most popular feng shui for wealth cure.  So if you love fountains, find one or more, good quality fountains and place them either inside or outside of your home. Be sure not to place a fountain in your bedroom – this is not good feng shui.

5. Crystals: 

Crystals are the powerhouses of good feng shui energy; they bring the energy from within the earth. There are 3 main crystals that can help you attract the energy of wealth into your home: pyrite, citrine and amethyst.  Crystals have become more popular and have made an appearance in many stores.


Mirrors are the absolute must-have feng shui wealth magnet for so many reasons! They bring more light, joy and the energy into any home. Golden framing is obviously the best choice for the use of a mirror as a wealth feng shui.

We work hard to pay for a home, and this home should bring us joy and calmness and a large feeling of accomplishment and wealth!

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