Prepping the home before it goes on the market: Tips With Kids

Give Yourself 10 Full Days To Clear Clutter From Your Home.

This may mean a few if not 10 trips to Goodwill. Go room by room and closets,  tackling one or two a day to keep it manageable.

Once You’ve Cleared The Clutter, Put Another 25% In Storage.

For real!!  Even though you’ve gotten rid of a ton, there’s still stuff you want to keep but you could put it away for a couple of weeks. For examples Big toys like push/ride toys, play tables...  Just think when you unpack it in your new home it will be a Brand New toy to the kids.

I highly recommend taking down most personal pictures. You can leave a few up so it looks like a home, but it helps buyers visualize themselves in the home

Take Excellent Photos Of Your Home.

Your home will be staged differently for photos vs. showings

For photos, clutter is even more distracting so everything has to be cleared off:

Counters Toasters, coffee makers, bread baskets,…you name it, take it all away . Especially Fridge magnets!! They can be cute but not in pictures!

  • Bathrooms: clear all the shampoo, soap, razors out of the shower.
  • Clear away even more stuff off your mantels, bookshelves, playrooms
  • Leave the shades/shutters/curtains open. Good lighting is EVERYTHING in a picture!

If you know you are going to be selling your home in the dead of winter, take beautiful pictures of the exterior of your home in the spring or fall.

Once You’re On The Market:

Give yourself a two hour notice for showings.

As we list the showing we can specify how much notice is require before hand. Sometimes 24 hours can be requested, but it keeps away the buyers who happen to drive by your home while looking at others.

One hour is the gold standard, but One hour is really stressful when you have kids!! Between naps, cleaning up the daily mess, making snacks and planning where to go. Two hours is plenty of time to clean up and finish up.

A great tip is to keep a small stockpile of activities, snacks, and drinks ready for those quick notice showings where you need to grab and go.

Have a checklist for what to do when you get a showing notification.

When you only have an hour or two, every minute counts. a check list helps take the panic out trying to get of the house, also reminds you of the little details that help show your home better!

Check list: put the toilet lids down, empty the stinky garbage's, swifer/vaccum the floor, tidy up the boot-room

Keep the kids minimally involved.

Lots of advice I read says to “encourage the kids to help!” Sometimes this can be overwhelming for them and you. Encourage them with one task (make their bed, put toys away) this will save some panic when the time is counting down to leave the house

Stage your playroom.

If you have a room dedicated to child toys in your house, stage it to show how great it is. Have a small tea party set up, or an art room with buckets of crayons and pencils at each place setting of the art table. This makes people smile and can help them start seeing themselves living in the home. Show how you use it!

~It's A GOOD Life!

Any questions please message me, i would love to help!

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